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Double faced Russia launches state-of-the-art cruise missiles in Caspian Sea


Russian warships have successfully launched a series of Kalibr-NK cruise missiles during drills held in the Caspian Sea.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the missiles were the latest designed by the Russian defense industry and all had hit their designated practice targets on land and sea.

“In the first stage of the exercises, the crew of the Grad Sviyazhsk has successfully completed a missile firing with the Kalibr precision system on coastal targets. As result, a missile, flying some 100 nautical miles (180 kilometers), successfully hit the coastal target – a special target position, simulating a command post of the imaginary enemy,” said the ministry in a statement released by Russian media outlets.

In the second stage of the drills, the crew of a Uglich small-size missile ship launched a Kalibr missile at a sea target located at a distance of over 120 kilometers.

The launches were part of Russia’s Caucasus-2016 drills, which kicked off earlier in the month.

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