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Dozen of civilians killed in Mogadishu

At least 19 people, including 10 civilians are killed and some 70 others injured in heavy fighting between al-Shabab and Somali government troops in Mogadishu.

Digfeer hospital medics told the Press TV correspondent that nine soldiers died on Wednesday in Mogadishu which was the scene of heavy fighting between gunmen and the government forces exchanging artillery fire and mortars.

Somalia Government troops, supported by African Union forces (AMISOM), inflicted heavy casualties on al-Shabab, killing dozens of fighters.

The news comes a few hours after a top al-Shabab commander surrendered himself to government forces.

Analysts believe that the Somali forces have been attacking those al-Shabab bases in recent hours based on information provided by the al-Shabab commander.

The total number of the casualties on both sides is not clear.

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