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Dua from Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi (1873- 1960)

“O One of Glory Whose magnificence is to be seen in the skies and heavenly bodies! O One of Perfection, the signs and evidences of Whose unity are to be observed in the earth and in all its beings! O Necessary Existent, proofs to Whose necessary existence are present in all things and all creatures! O All-Glorious One of Perfection, Who creates all the strange beings in the vast oceans! O Munificent Creator, Who creates the treasures stored up in the mountains to meet the needs of living beings! O Beauteous Bestower of Bounties, Who creates everything in the best way, administers them in the best way, and provides all the necessaries for each in the best way! O Omnipotent One, Sustainer of All Things, to Whom all things have recourse in all matters, for all needs, and on Whom all beings rely in all circumstances, and to Whom pertain all rights and dues, judgements and rule! O Gracious and Knowing One, the clear traces of Whose favours, and the manifestations of Whose grace, and the subtle inscriptions of Whose arts, and the fine gifts of Whose mercy, are observed in all things! O All-Powerful and Wise One, Who made the universe an exhibition of marvels in order to display His power to his conscious creatures, and made all His artefacts heralds and proclamations announcing His perfections, such as His power, wisdom, and mercy! You are free of all impotence and fault; Other than You there is no god who might succour our plight! Mercy! Mercy! Save us from Hell-fire!”

Long- suffering prominent sunni cleric Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi r.a (1873- 1960) ( whose whole life passed in jails, prisons, under tortures, exile of the rulers of time in Turkey. (1873- 1960). His Eminence had sacrificed his mubarak whole life to Allah’s way and serving Islam. Ustad was representing Real Mohammadi (pbuh) Islam so He was targeted by taghutic system untill He arrived at Allah…) He had never found any time even to marry and had children BUT His Eminence declared another a very prominent Sunni Cleric Ustad Hilmi Kocaaslan (H.Hakverdi) as his Spiritually Adopted Son when Ustad Hilmi was 16 years old. Today Ustad H. Hakverdi is the Successor of the Late Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi r.a in Turkey.399627_365648796853016_527505829_n

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