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Egypt praises Iran as major power in Middle East


Egypt’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr has praised Iran as an undeniable power in the Middle East and called for Tehran’s involvement in resolving the crisis in Syria.

Amr said on Friday that Iran was a “regional power that no one can ignore.”

The Egyptian foreign minister added that diplomatic solution is the sole path to resolve the turmoil in Syria and avoid a major catastrophe in the country.

Amr pointed out that that Egypt seeks to develop an initiative that involves the mediatory role of Egypt, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia in resolving Syria’s crisis.

He expressed Egypt’s opposition to any military solution with regard to Syria, saying the military option “will only lead to further destruction and bloodshed” in Syria.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011. Many people, including large numbers of army and security personnel, have been killed in the violence.

The Egyptian foreign minister also called on Tehran and Cairo to remain committed to certain requirements in the course of resuming their ties.

Iran severed ties with Egypt after Cairo signed the 1978 Camp David Accord with the Israeli regme and offered asylum to Iran’s deposed monarch Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

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