Egypt’s New Constitution Approval Opportunity for Dialogue and Unity

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), affirmed that “for the first time in Egyptian history, the people chose their Constitution of their own free will and after a long debate.

“Once again, we extend our hands to all political parties and all national and patriotic groups and movements to set together features of the future of our homeland. I do hope we can all turn a new page.”

Separately, Murad Ali, the FJP’s media advisor, expressed the hope that the adoption of the new Constitution would represent a chance to reunite national forces on the basis of mutual respect.

“We hope that the approval of the country’s basic law would be a historic opportunity for all patriotic political forces to close ranks and unite on the basis of mutual respect and genuine dialogue in order to achieve stability and complete rebuilding Egypt’s constitutional institutions. Then, together we can certainly achieve the objectives of the January 25 revolution, and together we can also build a promising future for modern Egypt, the land of freedom, equality and honorable co-existence for all citizens.”

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