Ehud Barak’s “I am ready to sacrifice and apologize Turkey!” is for deceiving Turkish People

Ehud Barak
While ago a Turkish Journalist unveiled the news of Turkey and Israeli secret communications, and possible Zionist apology from Turkey for resumption of formal relations(despite all good relations between Israel and Turkish Government, but the act is for deceiving Turkish People who are against relations with Israel) and today Ehud Barak talked about his readiness to apologize.
Haaretz newspaper wrote that ‘Ehud Barak’ the Israeli Defense Minister who is leaving the Netanyahu government has suggested to take the task of apology from Turkish government due to Israeli attack on Mavi Marmara ship incident, before he retires from politics soon.

Barak has told Netanyahu that in case of his formal apologies to Turkey, all political expenses will be passed on to him for this issue, and this is while he is resigning his post and no longer in power, thus the relations between Turkey and Israel will return to previous status. Therefore there would be no need for a Prime Minister or a President of Zionist regime to apologize to Turkey.

Sometimes ago, a Turkish journalist revealed that Turkey and Israel had secret communications, and possible Zionist apology from Turkey for resumption of formal relations is under way. This Turkish Journalist had written: “with time approaching for Obama’s visit to Palestinian Occupied Territories, secret talks has been underway to bring Turkey-Israel reconciliation, and that Turkey may abandon its condition of ending Gaza siege for revival of relations.

Hebrew Reeshbeit news website quoted a Turkish analyst, who confirmed that the talks would be headed by Jacob Amidror, president of Israeli National Security Council. This website wrote that Turkey would abandon his condition on reviving the relations with Israel if Israel ended siege on Gaza Strip, and Israel, in return, would reimburse the families of victims of Mavi Marmara vessel, and would regret death of Turk citizens.

Turkish daily Yeni Asya had revealed before that despite apparent cold relations between Israel and Turkey, Turkey was fourth largest importer of goods to Israel, and Israeli export to Turkey had 58 per cent increase after Israeli raid in Mavi Marmara vessel.”

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