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Enemies afraid of Muslims’ unity: Larijani


The Speaker of Iran’s Parliament Larijani attended in a ceremony to celebrate unity among Muslims in Iranian southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan on Thursday.

During talks in Parliament, there has been thorough discussions on how to develop south-eastern provinces under the good security provided in the region, said Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in Southeastern city of Zahedan on Thursday.

The top legislature recounted that the development of infrastructures in the province is in perspective and the efforts should be doubled to serve the people of the area properly.

Larijani underlined that Sistan and Balouchestan is an important province of Iran as it shares the longest borders of the country with neighboring countries.

It was due to the importance of the province that the ground force of the IRCG has shouldered the responsibility of the region to develop the province with the help of local human resources, highlighted the senior MP.

Referring to the spread of Wahhabism and extremism in the neighboring countries, mainly funded by Saudi helps, the Speaker of Iran’s Parliament stressed that extremism is a major threat that should be confronted directly and immediately.

The Iranian official maintained that a new disease is spreading in the region to divide between the Muslims and it has serious political and security consequences.

There are hands to keep this new disease in the region, because the unity of Muslims creates such a strong power that which is feared by the enemies, said the top MP.

He continued that Iran as a country with a good population, natural resources, and military power is surely targeted by the enemies and it necessitates being watchful.

Muslims have traditionally had no problem being together and the unity of them is a major threat for the US, so the Americans try hard to divide between the Muslims, asserted Larijani.

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