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“Enemies concerned over unified march of Arba’een”

Hujjat-ul-Islam Mohammad Hassan Nabavi, deputy of seminaries attended a gathering of preachers for Arba’een referring to the enemies concerned over the multi-million pilgrims taking the pilgrimage to attend the ceremony, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” The US and other powers of the world carry out joint military maneuvers which is unparalleled to coordination of Islamic countries in holding Arba’een because this is held due to a coordination of hearts.”

The cleric stressed that nationality of pilgrims should not be questioned in Karbala because the great movement belongs to all people indiscriminately called a pilgrim with no reference to his denomination or religious thought.

Millions of Muslims have started the long march to the Iraqi holy city of Karbala ahead of Arba’een ceremony which marks the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS), third Imam and grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Imam Hussein (AS) rose against the tyrant ruler of his time, Yazid ibn Muawiya, back in 680 AD and was martyred in the Battle of Karbala with 72 of his household members and loyal companions. He is dubbed as the master of martyrs in Islamıc culture.

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