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Enemies’ investment aims at Muslims unity

n00151151-bThe Islamic scholar, Hojjatol Islam Naeb Ali Nourouzi in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) beckoned to the plots hatched by the enemies and underscored, “nowadays one of the stratagems of enemies for blocking the progress of Islam is increasing dispersion and division among Muslims.”

The religious cleric underscored that the enemies make huge investment so as to damage the standing unity and solidarity among Muslims.

Hojjatol Islam Naeb Ali Nourouzi bekcoend to the guidance of the late Imam Khomeini (RA) and his key role in the unity arena said, “In here and present, the enemies try their utmost to advance the policy of dispersion in Muslim countries and wrest the power, blocking the spread of Islam in the long run.”

The religious cleric pointed to the congenital milieu in which Muslims from different Islamic denominations and sects live and put stress on this very fact that shia and Sunni people get along well with each other in this area and the region of Raz and Jargalan is truely united.

To many religious clerics, unity and solidarity can remove any credible threat of enemies against Islamic Republic of Iran, in this very line, Hojjatol Islam Naeb Ali Nourouzi urged Muslims to bond to each other through resorting to the standing commonalities among Islamic denominations and sects.

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