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Enemies strategies to create discord among the Ummah

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria delivered the second lecture due to inability of the second speaker to attend the program. He started by explaining the importance of unity gathering which he said the enemies realizes it and therefore they are doing their best to stop it. A lot of people, among the Ulema and the government workers, want to attend the program but are warned mostly by the authority to shun away. This is known from their confessions and excuses they offer. Some of them even expressed that they are warned not to attend.

Various forms of threats are being deployed to drive away some invited guests, speakers and Ulema from attending unity week program. The enemies are doing everything to paralyze the lectures as it poses danger to their interest. However , going by human nature, not every person may like to take any responsibility which may cause problem in his ambition or an investment which he toils for many years. Such investment may be wealth, job or positions.

Those who attained to high positions in Government work including those who amassed wealth may be excused based on this. However, scholars and clerics don’t have such investment or positions in offices and therefore should not entertain any fear, intimidation or threat when undertaking Islamic duties. Youths are mainly the agents of change as they don’t have such investments. Even the threat of harassment may not work because this can make some Clerics to submit, to the struggle, Sheikh Zakzaky expressed.

Another way employed by the enemies of Islamic re-awakening is to make sure scholars are prevented from associating with Islamic Movement by given them wealth and money. Sometimes a security agent is attached to a Cleric as student without the knowledge of the Cleric and in this way his activities or movements are known, so he remains detracted. However, this tactic may not work in future.

The enemies will do everything to make sure Muslim unity is not achieved and they cooperate with any group of Muslims that called others infidel to promote their evil agenda of disuniting the ummah. So, any one that promotes disunity among the Ummah,in any manner, works for the enemies of Islam weather he knows that or not. Loss awaits such people, they will lose everything including followership and they will face their consequences in the Next World, if they don’t desist, sheikh Zakzaky concluded.

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