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Enemy has targeted public faith, loyalty

Leader Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei said Tuesday that Iran’s revolution of 1979 has been driven by faith in God, adding that enemies of the Islamic Republic have been exhausting all their possibilities to undermine the religious side of the revolution.

Imam Khamenei was speaking to multitudes of faithful people in Qom city on a landmark visit to the Islamic shrine city.

Imam Khamenei said the religious city has historically been a hub of political insight, most recently in emergence and victory of the Islamic Revolution (1979), and has served the world of Islam as a headspring of teachings of Ahl ul-Beit (A.S.), especially through its acclaimed religious school or Hoza Elmia.

Imam Khamenei said the world bullies have both targeted the public faith and loyalty of people to the revolution in their malicious schemes against the Islamic Republic of Iran, adding that revolutionary authorities would have given in to enemy pressures unless there was the element of religion in the revolutionary structure.

“Islam never allows one to surrender to oppressors and thereby helps achieve justice, freedom, spirituality and advance. For the same reason, the revolutionary authorities have never surrendered to the world arrogance and would continue their campaign against the enemies,” Imam Khamenei said.

The IR Leader then touched on different conspiracies of the international force of arrogance against Islamic teachings. “The enemies of Islam have already embarked on several aborted trials including the Salman Rushdi’s ploy, anti-Islamic movies, the blasphemous cartoons and the Koran burning tragedy,” Imam Khamenei said, adding that inside Iran, the enemies seek to undermine the faith of people, especially the youths’.

The Islamic Revolution Leader said the enemies have also targeted the public loyalty as they have found that besides the element of religion, the authorities continue to be encouraged by the people’s solid presence in social and political fields.

In the same regard, Imam Khamenei noted that the enemies seek to dent the public loyalty through spreading of malicious rumors against the authorities as well as downplaying of current advances and accomplishments.

The IR Leader added however that all those conspiracies are doomed to failure and would bear no fruit for the enemies the same way they have failed for the past 32 years.

Imam Khamenei then noted that the 40-million ballot turnout in the presidential elections last year was a positive referendum of loyalty for the Islamic system, adding that a raging enemy tried to torpedo the national presence through a seditious scheme nonetheless it failed once again in the face of public perseverance.

The IR Leader said the people’s vigilance during the past year’s enemy-incited upheavals helped vaccinate the country and the people themselves against social and political germs. “Against the enemy’s will, the post election sedition promoted political insight among the people,” the IR Leader added.

Imam Khamenei then warned about enemy seditions in separating religion and politics, adding that the enemy has realized how the representatives of Islam might prove helpful in awakening the people against outsider plots.

Concerning the current intensified sanctions against Iran, Imam Khamenei said the Iranian nation has already endured such similar sanctions and thereby knows how to outsmart them and for the same reason, the most recent sanctions, which aimed to dispirit people about the Islamic system, proved of little use for the enemy.

Imam Khamenei then urged both people and the authorities to follow several goals as prerequisites for keeping the revolution robust as ever. They included unity, promotion of faith notably among the youth, promotion of political insight, and pursuit of speedier scientific growth.

The IR Leader ended his remarks by highlighting the national and international position of Qom city, saying that the existence of the most prominent Islamic seminary (Hoza Elmia) besides numerous pilgrimage locations have brought ample capacities for the city.

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