Enrichment to remain Iran’s redline forever: Araghchi


Iran’s senior nuclear negotiator has said enrichment will remain Iran’s redline forever.

Seyed Abbas Araghchi, who was visiting Mehr News Agency today, told that in Genève, the major battle was the battle of determinations. “If six powers and 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council demanded anything in conflict with our rights, we would resist,” Araghchi added. “After 10 years of resistance, 6 UN resolutions and sanctions, an agreement appeared which recognizes Iran’s right to enrichment,” he added.

Araghchi asserted that enrichment would remain Iran’s redline forever. “In a report Washington Post wrote that the US has forgot to mention a thing in the Genève agreement which is the recognition of Iran’s right to enrichment without a time limit as the most important expression in the agreement draft,” he said.

Araghchi demanded that insider critics should understand the situation was an achievement for all Iranians. “Iranians after 10 years of resistance have gained the point and it should not be ignored,” he added, and “this is a great fallacy to object why the Powers would not say they recognize Iran’s right to enrichment; we would not be granted rights, since our right is there; it is not the case that they says ok you have the right to enrichment and we became happy for that,” he said.

Iran’s senior nuclear negotiator also pointed out that Iran’s rights were reserved and “we take it for granted according to NPT. It is important that they respect our right, which has been realized now,” he said.

“These achievements should be publicized well. However, costs have been paid, which are necessary for any achievement,” Araghchi added.

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