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Envoy: Victory of Islamic Revolution of Iran indebted to women

Islamic Republic of Iran’s Grand Ambassador to Afghanistan Fada-Hossein Maaleki said here Wednesday victory of the Islamic Revolution is noticeably indebted to women’s constructive presence in its process.
Envoy: Victory of Islamic Revolution of Iran indebted to women

According to IRNA, the IRI envoy who was speaking at a gathering titled ‘The Role of Women in Islam’ in Kabul on the auspicious occasion of Lady Fatemeh al-Zahra’s and late Imam Khomeini’s blessed birth anniversaries, reiterated, “On the contrary of the west in which instrumental usage is take of women, Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran attach great value to women.”
He added, “In Iran women have parallel shares with their men in advancement of their country and the roles of women in the course of the Islamic Revolution, the (Iraqi) imposed war, the construction era, which came after the war, the post-war reconstruction era, and at the present time that is the era of technological advancement, they are playing equal roles with men, and in some cases ahead of them.”
Islamic Republic of Iran’s fully authoritative representative in Afghanistan referred to the presence of a woman in the delegation that carried the late Imam Khomeini’s dispatched delegation to the former Soviet Union to deliver his written message to the last president of that now dissolved former superpower Michael Gorbachev, adding, “A while ago Mr. Gorbachev confessed what great importance the late Imam Khomeini (P) attached to the personality of women in accordance with the Islamic teachings.”
Caretaker of Afghanistan’s Ministry Women’s Affairs, Hassan-Banou Qazanfar, too, emphasized at the gathering that Iran-Afghanistan relations are expanding rapidly, particularly regarding the two countries’ women’s relations, arguing, “The Afghn-Iranian Women’s Friendship and Cultural Week would be held from June 12th to 18th in Kabul this year.”
He added, “Holding exhibitions, gatherings of the two countries’ artists, and poetry nights would be some of the events in that week.”
Qazanfar meanwhile referred to the upcoming 3rd Conference of the Islamic Countries Female Ministers in Tehran as an obvious example for the proximity among the Islamic countries, particularly Iran and Afghanistan to each other, adding, “It has been proved to everyone that participation of women in neighboring countries plays a great role in the advancement and progress of the region.”
She said that commemoration of the blessed lady of both worlds, Lady Fatemeh al-Zahra means she is the best model for the entire pious women in the world.”
Afghanistan’s National Parliament Member Mohammad Mohaqqeq, too, in his address referred to the great significance of women during the pre-Islamic era in Iran and Afghanistan, as well as their great roles during the Islamic era, relying on the blessed teachings of Islam, save for the deviated interpretations of Islam by such groups as the Taliban.

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