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Erdogan must end support for terrorists before restoring ties with Syria: Assad

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad sat down for an interview with Russia 24 TV this week to discuss a number of topics, including the ongoing Turkish military campaign in northwestern Syria.

The Syrian President told his interviewer that his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is unable to tell his army why they are in Syria.

“Erdogan is unable to tell the Turks why he is sending his army to fight in Syria and why his soldiers are killed in it because the issue has nothing to do with Turkish high interests but with his [Muslim] Brotherhood ideology,” Assad said.

In regards to ever restoring ties with Turkey, Assad said Erdogan must stop supporting terrorism inside Syria before any rapprochement can be made.

“Erdogan must give up supporting terrorism before relations between our two countries are restored,” Assad said, pointing out that “the Muslim Brotherhood movement has no political, social, or even religious ethics, and this is Erdogan’s approach.”

He would conclude by stating that his government and Russia are working to block Turkey from supporting terrorists inside Syria.

“Our common goal with Russia has always been to keep Turkey away from the approach of supporting terrorists and to bring them back to their normal place,” he added.

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