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Ethnic cleansing of Muslims continues in C.A.R.


The Central African Republic is witnessing the ethnic cleansing of the entire Muslim population. Most of the Muslim civilians have now fled the country after sectarian violence erupted in December last year.
The tens of thousands who remain, particularly in remote areas, are facing daily threat. The Christian militia is threatening to kill any Muslim they can get their hands on. But in the town of Mbaki, there was one Muslim who was determined to stay, Salih Dido. “I was born here. My children were born here. I’ve worked in the mayor’s office for 5 years. I’m a patriot. Why should I leave?”, he said. Just a few days ago, he was attacked by a group of youths, just next to the place where he worked. 300 meters away is the base of African Union peacekeepers who failed to protect him.

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