Europe grasp the opportunity:Iran official

Europe grasp the opportunity

The head of president’s office has called EU to grasp the ‘strategic opportunity’ to expand ties with Iran.

According to Mehr News Agency, Mohammad Nahavandian was quoted by Iran’s state news agency IRNA receiving a Belgian economic delegation to Iran yesterday, denouncing what he believed as ‘illegitimate measures against Iranian people.’

Nahavandian asserted, “Sanction and threat are not solutions to the issues; since they are bound to failure, and in a new situation, both sides would achieve a win-win situation through display of good will.”

He believed that mingling political issues with those of the economy was sheer error of judgment, believing that Islamic Republic was a good and trusted partner for the EU companies.

Nahavandian told the Belgian delegation who is visiting Tehran, “Now, the strategic opportunity is available for the EU countries especially Belgium to expand ties with Iran.”

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