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Europeans waste 90 million tonnes of food each year

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Millions of people around the world do not have enough food to eat while at the same time a colossal amount of edible food is simply being thrown out by millions of households across Europe.

The UN says, in Austria alone, 158,000 tonnes of perfectly good food is tossed in the bin each year and 90 million tonnes is discarded in Europe as a whole.

Every year In Austria, the average household throws away food worth approximately 300 Euros. This mostly consists of leftovers like fruit, vegetables, bread, dairy products and meat.

Several studies indicate that 25% of all the food produced in Austria is wasted —- that’s equal to approximately 19 kilograms of food for every person in the country.

Experts say that we can all make a contribution to avoid wasting food. Better planning before shopping to get our food portions right and storing food correctly to keep it fresh for longer are just a couple of the steps that consumers can take. Experts also say that politicians could do more to introduce policies that would reduce the level of food waste.

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