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Ex-Inmate Discloses Torture in Secret UAE Prison in Yemen

A Yemeni national who has been kept and tortured in one of Emirati secret prisons in Southern Yemen told a British news outlet how he was kidnapped, taken to a secret facility, tortured, and cruelly treated by the UAE forces.

Adel Al-Hassani, a leader of the Yemeni resistance forces against the Saudi-Emirati coalition, told Britain’s Channel 4 News how he was tortured in secret prisons held by the UAE military forces in Yemen.

“Abu Dhabi is committing brutal crimes in its prisons,” said the ex-inmate, subjected to torture, in an interview released on Thursday.

“As soon as the night came, you could hear the screams in the prisons of the UAE: they were either suspended, undressed, tortured by electric shock, or beaten,” the Yemeni victim of tortures, who is now in Malaysia, told Channel 4 correspondent Jonathan Rugman.

He added that Emirati commanders used to take him to a hole called the monster’s pit, where he was left blindfold with tied hands and legs for 48 hours without water, food or bath.

He asserted that he was almost dead after each of these 48-hour stays in the hole.

Al-Hassani then showed the British Channel correspondent the areas of his body with torture marks, adding that he was tortured with electric shockers by three UAE soldiers. He explained how he was subjected to foul language and beatings.

He said that the UAE soldiers linked electricity to the “genitals and under the armpits”, and hit him with iron bars and copper cable wires.

Al-Hassani said that he was arrested and taken to the secret prison because he wrote in the social networks against the UAE’s moves in Southern Yemen, describing Emirates as conquers and occupiers. He was kidnapped and labeled as linked to al-Qaeda.

He stressed that interrogators, who tortured and supervised the prison, were all Emiratis and not from Yemen.

He drew the British channel’s attention to the findings of the Group of Independent Eminent International and Regional Experts where it has been asserted that detainees have been subjected to torture and other cruel treatment in facilities controlled by the UAE.

A Human Rights Watch official said in a comment on al-Hassani’s case that it was very similar to what the organization had repeatedly said, confirming that it was a true testimony.

The official added that the UAE does not respond to queries and questions about this file.

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