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Ex-Interpol chief admits receiving bribes: Chinese media

Former chief of the International Criminal Police Organization, or Interpol, Chinese national Meng Hongwei, has pleaded guilty to receiving more than two million dollars in bribes, China says, some eight months after he was placed under investigation on suspicion of bribery.

According to a report by China’s official People’s Daily, Meng pleaded guilty to receiving 14.5 million yuan (2.1 million dollars) in bribes as he stood trial at a court in China’s northern city of Tianjin on Thursday.

It further said that Meng, who was also China’s former vice minister for public security, “showed repentance” during the hearing, adding that the court would announce its verdict at a later date.

Meng’s wife, who has been granted asylum in France, has said the charges against her husband are politically motivated.

Meng left Lyon, France, where Interpol is headquartered, in September last year, prompting a media fanfare about his disappearance. A month later, China’s anti-corruption watchdog, the National Supervisory Commission, said he was under probe on suspicion of “violating the law.”

PressTV-China says ex-interpol chief ‘accepted bribes’

China says ex-interpol chief ‘accepted bribes’China’s Public Security Ministry says Meng Hongwei had “accepted bribes and is suspected of violating the law.”

Soon after the watchdog’s announcement, Interpol said it had received Meng’s resignation “with immediate effect,” and that the body would elect a new president at its general assembly next month.

The 65-year-old has lived with his wife and two children in France since being elected Interpol president in 2016.

Founded in 1923, the Interpol acts as a network linking the law enforcement agencies of its members, but it does not possess agents of its own with powers of arrest.

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