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EXC: Double-faced Russian troops helped suicide bombers infiltrate Deir Ezzor Airbase leading to 58 soldiers’ martyrdom

Not long ago, a four-man ISIS team dressed up as Russian soldiers struck deep behind Syrian Arab Army (SAA) lines and managed to infiltrate the main airfield in Deir Ezzor under suspicious circumstances.

The incident took place on November 13 and initially saw a Chechen ISIS militant gain access to Deir Ezzor Airbase as he approached its main gates dressed in a Russian uniform, addressing a group of SAA soldiers in Russian whom then allowed him and three other undercover ISIS members to enter.

Minutes later, four loud explosions struck various locations at the airfield as the supposed Russian servicemen proved to be ISIS militants strapped with suicide vests.

According to ISIS, a total of 58 SAA soldiers were killed in the suicide operation. ISIS also claimed that two helicopters and three fighter jets were knocked out in the process while a factory was destroyed.

Remarkably, ISIS claimed towards the end of the video that five Russian Army informants helped the ISIS sleeper cells dress up in uniforms and reach the airbase undeterred.



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