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Exc- Islamic Ummah and all Oppressed People unite against enemies of humanity

one nationThe enemies of Allah, Islam, Humanity have been planning for years to weaken their enemies and handicaps for brutality. They have been working for sectarian strife for centuries. They changed many books in many regions. They have no fear of Allah. How come a shia be against sunni and a sunni be against shia while Allah says: “Say, “O People of the Scripture, come to a word that is equitable between us and you…” (Al-i Imran: 64) what makes ummah not to come to many commons? Be sure that it is because of just the plots of enemies to divide Ummah and oppressed people. The plot in Syria, Iraq… where are those so-called Sunni governments while they sent thosands missiles, arms to Syria but not just a single bullet to Gaza despite Gaza is Sunni? It is not because Gaza is Sunni or Shia it is because Gaza is a REAL RESISTANCE against zionist regime of Israel and its interests in the region. Slaughterer Israel kills anyone of Palestinians but the same brutal regime give helps to the so-called Mujaheeds in Syria. How can this be possible? Slaughterer Israel committ any crimes against Palestinians, kill babies, drop bombs randomly, torture them, jailed them under very inhuman cases but the same israel give medical treatmensts, helps to so-called Mujaheeds in Syria. And so forth…

The problem is not being Shia or Sunni leaders too. Iraqi Allawi is a Shia but he is a loyal dog servant of USrael, The Iraqi Tareq Hasheme is Sunni too but he is also a dog puppet of USrael. It is high time we all woke up and come together. It is high time for us to UNITE with muslims and oppressed people against enemies of Islam and humanity. If we keep up this discussion be sure that ıt is enemies of Islam, humanity that will be pleased and they will be happy with the strife among us.

At this point we need to know what Islam is and what American Islam (Fake Islam) is too.

American Islam is a kind of way covering their faces with Islam, Sunnah, Qur’an but have nothing with the real Mohammadi Islam. This kind of Islam is the best tool for the enemies of Islam to target Islamic Regions, Islamic Ummah and wage war against Islamic Nations while those American-style Muslims do not do anything that will make the Zionist Regimes uncomfortable. The American Islam always hide all its massacre under the Islam cloth by Islamic discourses through the media umder their services. Those leaders who adopt American Islam always deceive the Islamic Nations by their so-called Islamic discourses but negotiate with the enemies of Islam behind the scene and put their soils at service of the enemies of Islam. to read the full of American Islam please click the link below:


VERY IMPORTANT: This is simply what Jehad means and who is called Mujaheed!

We Sunnis ask: Where are Sunni Governments for Gaza while Shia Iran is giving missiles, arms, aids to Palestinian Resistance?


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