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Exclusive- Questions behind the Turkey’s Hatay explosion

JUST A GAME OF TURKISH GOVERNMENT TO HIDE THE REAL PERPETRATOR OF THE EXPLOSION. At first Erdogan failed to reach the aim of making Turkish People believe that Assad behind the blast then Turkish People blamed Turkish govern. and the plot was spoiled so Turkish govern COMPULSORILY blamed Nusra(false flag op.) and arrested a team trying to implement some plots with Sarin Gas in Adana…etc still Turkish People didn’t believe all those sinister plans then THIS GAME Utku Kali who is blamed for leaking top secret documents to social networks. Does anyone believe this? Can an ordinary soldier reach those SO IMPORTANT documents? is it possible any government to give the VITAL TOP SECRET documents to an ordinary soldier or Army member? SORRY this is another game. The whole world know the real perpetrator of the Hatay Reyhanlı explosion. All struggles are false flags by the perpetrators of the explosion. The alertness of Turkish People especially the People in Hatay gave the game of misleading Turkish People about the real happenings in the region. This file has enough details of the explosion: http://www.islamicinvitationturkey.com/2013/05/20/turkeys-hatay-reyhanli-explosion-file/


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