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Exclusive- The enemies of Syria are controlled by Israel

Syria has been targeted brutally by many countries-directly or indirectly- since March 2011. It is well known that this sinister, bloody plot had already been orginized by the enemies of Resistance in the region. Syria has played a KEY role in this resistance chain and this was enough to put Syria on Zionist lobbies’ agenda. Syrian Government has been a loyal ally to the Palestine, Iran, Hezbollah and other factions of Resistance but the close and sincere relation between Syria and Iran- from the first day of Islamic Revolution of Iran and especially during the darkest day of Iran at war with West, US and other Arabs-backed Saddam- made the enemies of Iran very UNEASY. We are not here to explain the historical background of friendship between Syria and the Resistance block but we are here to explain the global zionist governments who cover their faces with many colours, religions, sects, languages…etc. and the role of Israel in this bloodbath.

The idea that drags us to this undeniable fact is the Syrian crisis but it is better to say the WAR ON SYRIA. The War on Syria clarified many fronts, many Islamic-faced traitors, many so-called Islamic movements, many Islamic-faced Leaders and other groups who cover their savage faces with Ahlul Sunnah BUT have nothing with neither Sunnah nor Islam.

Yes, Israel. Why do we say Israel is controlling the enemies of Syria?
As it is well known that there have been many wars by US-led forces on different regions in previous years but we haven’t seen any campaigns by any so-called pro-Syrian organizations nor so-called Islamic movements, NGOs who deceive many people to take to Syria under so- called Jeehad. We haven’t seen any campaigns since the beginning of human crisis in Iraq, Palestine, Myanmar… We haven’t heard those so called humanistic discourses for those wars. The enemies- who call themselves as friends of Syria- of Syria have done NOTHING for the chronic painful plight of Palestine but instead they got in struggle of demolishing a country- Syria- that has been helping, supporting oppressed Palestinian people.

Yes, Israel. The Zionist, Inhuman, Brutal, Oppressor, Occupation Regime!
Syria is a THREAT for continuity of Israel. Syria is a strategic KEY that MUST be broken and annihilated for continuity of Israel. Syria must be demolished in order to ISOLATE Iran from Resistance or Resıstance from Iran. Syria must be eradicated in order to build up NWO of Zionist Lobbies. Syria must be cleaned from pro-Resistance in order to weaken Iran….

Yes, Israel! All are for Israel. All efforts to topple Syrian Government are for the sake of the continuity of Israel. Now we hope it is well understood that the enemies of Syria are controled by whom. It is clear enough to see this bloody picture drawn by Israel.


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