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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Syria Army Advances against ISIS Southwest of al-Tabaqa Airbase


The Syrian Army troops and National Defense Forces hit the ISIS strongholds hard along a main road towards the strategic airbase of al-Tabaqa West of Raqqa province, capturing a small but key town in the region.

The ISIS terrorists suffered a heavy death toll and pulled the remaining pockets of its forces out from the town of Bir Zeidan near the town of Bir Ambaj along the road connecting Ithriya in Northeastern Hama to al-Tabaqa under the heavy attacks of the Syrian government forces.

The ISIS military hardware also destroyed in the attacks.

The Army used different light and heavy weapons in its offensives.

In relevant development near al-Tabaqa on Monday, the Syrian Army and National Defense Forces engaged in a tough battle with the ISIS terrorists in the mountainous regions of Eastern Hama and Western Raqqa, and captured a key village after over a day of non-stop clashes.

The Syrian government forces, who had reached to Abu Alaj village surroundings yesterday, managed to enter the village and its nearby hills located 10 km to the East of Zakia crossroad and forced the ISIS to retreat from the area.

The ISIS left behind scores of the dead or wounded members and fled the battlefield, FNA reported.


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