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EXCLUSIVE- Who stab Syrians and people of the region

The present Malian Government is Junta and no vote of People chose thier government, so the people there wanted a better government that should be selected by Malians BUT UN showed its unjustness as usual and helped the Junta in Mali. If France, UN etc. are compatible then WHY they are not comfortable with Assad ( as they say He is Junta and dictator(?) ) Mali operation by France, UN and other blasphemous bloc showed us that they never be with people of the Land. They always busy with their interests and ideas full of sucking blood of People in any regions. Mali is rich with the mines and oil now targeted by savage imperialists. Western countries governments or US have never been for the people of regions their aims always were and are the natural sources of regions. So today they again showed their real brutal face against people who reject being the slaves of Imperialists. Thats why they implement the same sinister sneaky plots in Syria. Especially all savage monsters come together under the pretext of defending Syrian People rights but during over two-years period showed their real intention against Syrians and people in the regions. They deceive many ignorant muslims to jehaad against Assad who has always been for the resistance against Zionist Israel. Today the bloc will be winner with the downfall of Assad is Israeli bloc that is working day and night with full support of medias in Arab world, Turkey and Europa. The most shocking point is the betrayal of Arabs to Syrian Arabs. Here another point come out that being Arab or non Arab is nothing for Syrians, the importance is being with Syria and Syrians. There has never been a person on the earth that witnessed and justice policy by US, Israel, West and their puppets so we never believe that these monsters will bring PEACE to the regions BUT BUT massacre, tears, rape, killings, occupation……

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