Exclusive:Zionist Israel sets up field hospital in Golan to treat Syria terrorists


The Israeli military has set up a “military field hospital” in the occupied Golan Heights to treat wounded foreign-backed militants fighting against the government in neighboring Syria.

According to an AFP report, Israeli authorities confirmed the hospital was built at military outpost 105 in the occupied Syrian territories where injured militants fighting against Damascus are being treated near the Syrian border.

Reports further indicate that 11 anti-Damascus militants, who were wounded during the ongoing violence in Syria, have been sent to hospitals in northern Israel for treatment last month. Eight of them returned to Syria, while another three remained in Israel for further treatment.

On Wednesday, two militants, who were critically wounded in Syria, were reportedly evacuated to Israeli hospitals under the authorization of the Israeli military. One of them was pronounced dead several hours after being hospitalized with the other one in critical conditions.

The report clearly proves Israel’s support for the militants fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

Many people, including large numbers of Syrian army and security personnel, have lost their lives in over two years of turmoil that broke out in Syria in March 2011.

Damascus says the West and its regional allies including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are supporting the militants.

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