Export of gas to neighbors, India on agenda: Iranian official


Export of gas to Europe is not among Iran’s top priorities but the neighboring countries and India are Iran’s main options, Deputy Petroleum Minister for International Affairs Amir Hossein Zamaninia said on Friday.

Speaking to IRNA, Zamaninia said that Iran as a country with large gas reserves should have program for export of gas to Europe in the long-term, but the European gas market is over-supplied now.

Implementation of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and removal of Islamic Republic sanctions has provided a good opportunity for pursuing the policy of gas export to neighboring states.

According to the official website of the National Iranian Gas Export Company, natural gas is receiving more attention comparing with other forms of energy carriers. In addition to its heat value, the characteristic of being convertible to petrochemicals certifies the essence of this material. Natural gas is also more environment-friendly and economic.

There is a growing demand for natural gas world-wide. More than half of the world’s population is settled in countries located in our east which don’t have adequate amount of gas reserves. Industrial countries, like most of Europe, undoubtedly are in need of natural gas in the future. The conclusion is a very promising rationale for gas export.

Reserves makes Iran the second largest gas owner of the world after Russia. Iran had been away from gas market until the year 2000. In order to compensate for its delayed presence in this market, Iran has planned for production record of about 220 TCMPA in a 20 years time-frame.

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