Extremist “Israeli” Settlers Write Racist Graffiti on Christian Monastery

A number of extremist “Israeli” settlers wrote racist graffiti attacking Christianity and Jesus Christ on the walls of a monastery in occupied al-Qds (Jerusalem) on Wednesday at dawn, the WAFA News Agency reported.
The graffiti written on the walls of the monastery included “Price Tag”, and several insults against Jesus Christ. The settlers also punctured the tires of three vehicles parked near the monastery.
The attack is part of numerous attacks targeting churches, mosques and even graveyards in different parts of occupied Palestine, including occupied al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Earlier in October, “Israeli” extremists hurled stones, Molotov cocktails and trash at a Christian Church in occupied al-Quds (Jerusalem).
Archbishop Attallah Hanna, of the Orthodox Christian Church, said at the time that such assault is “a criminal act, and a very serious assault geared by blind hearts fueled by extremism and racism”.

Also during the past year, several mosques were torched and defaced in different parts of the West Bank, and racist graffiti against the Muslim Prophet was spray-painted. Several Christian and Islamic graveyards were desecrated.

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