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False Flag Terrorism, Fabricated Enemies And Perpetual War

False Flag Terrorism, Fabricated Enemies And Perpetual War

North Korea is threatening war with the U.S. Iran is building nuclear weapons. Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Al-Qaida Islamists want to destroy the U.S. The list of perpetual enemies faced in the U.S. quest for world domination, according to Washington’s culture of corruption and its Ministry of Propaganda – America’s pusillanimous corporate press which intentionally misinforms the U.S. public – is endless, but in reality, the overhyped threats they continuously fabricate are not real.
North Korea is threatening war with the U.S. Iran is building nuclear weapons. Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Al-Qaida Islamists want to destroy the U.S. The list of perpetual enemies faced in the U.S. quest for world domination, according to Washington’s culture of corruption and its Ministry of Propaganda – America’s pusillanimous corporate press which intentionally misinforms the U.S. public – is endless, but in reality, the overhyped threats they continuously fabricate are not real. For anyone paying attention to U.S. foreign policy since the appointment of George W. Bush to the presidency in 2000, terrorism is only considered terrorism when the U.S. doesn’t do it.

Of course, anyone with any knowledge of North Korea and its delusional dictatorship knows that there is no way it could attack the U.S. and survive, and anyone who digs deep enough at Iran and the bogus claims that it is building nuclear weapons knows that is not true either. Iraq did not have WMDs – nor does Syria as the U.S. is trying to claim now to justify an all-out invasion of Syria [01] – and Al-Qaida was created by the U.S. and is still being funded, supplied and trained to create chaos in Syria by the U.S. government today. For the record, Israel and Saudi Arabia are colluding with Washington to prop-up Al-Qaida in Syria [02].

America holds the dubious distinction of holding the record for starting wars or conflicts in modern times – more than 60 wars and a slew of other conflicts and coups over the past seven decades since the Second World War [03]. Promulgating propaganda to gain support for its illegal Imperialistic march across the globe is Washington’s standard modus operandi so it shouldn\’t be surprising that the alleged threat of nuclear war along the Korean peninsula is bogus and actually has nothing whatsoever to do with North or South Korea as Washington has no interest in defending democracy, human rights or international laws. Washington is only interested in controlling economic powers and the resources of other countries.


Not that we don’t have enemies. When we occupy countries illegally like Iraq and Afghanistan, illegally intervene and commit war crimes in countries like Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and North Africa, you can rest assured that we have created quite a few enemies. These people don’t hate us for what we stand for as George W. Bush deemed after the “terrorist” attacks of 9/11 his administration helped carry out. These people hate us for what we are doing to their countries now.

Since the illegally invocated “Global War on Terror” and all the fraudulent actions undertaken by George W. Bush, now continued and built upon by his successor Barack Obama, we constantly hear about “threats” to us and the “homeland,” yet when you look at the “threats,” it becomes blatantly obvious that they really don’t exist [04]. The only reason these “threats” are fabricated is to pour endless amounts of money into “National Security” and America’s corrupt Military-Industrial Complex.

Fear is a constant companion in America\’s national (in)security state [05], due in large part to the fact that because Washington terrorizes themselves, they see terrorists everywhere. America\’s Military-Industrial complex and security state which is responsible for perpetuating endless war retails in fear, specializing in false, displaced and exaggerated fears. The time has come to put the retailers of fear out of business.


If you look at those labeled as enemies by Washington, you’ll find that none of them pose a major threat to the U.S. You read headlines in the U.S. claiming that the FBI has stopped a purported terrorist attack but when you look closely at the alleged attacks they stop, you find that the terrorists were being coerced by the FBI and are literally too stupid to be able to carry out any type of attack themselves. The fact is, terror plots stopped by the FBI are actually created by the FBI to justify their illegal activities and huge budget.

Without an enemy, or omnipotent threat of fear perpetuated by Washington, the never-ending flow of money being wasted on “Homeland Security” would not be possible, nor would the 17 other “Intelligence” agencies, the drone wars or the ever-growing secret military which – aided by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who is the biggest perpetrator of U.S.-sanctioned terrorism – regularly conducts acts of terrorism all over the world.

For all the alleged enemies faced by the U.S., there has to be an enemy-industrial complex too – a network of figures and institutions to push the threat we supposedly face and convince us that we are in so much danger that we need to sacrifice our rights, liberties and privacy [06]. The Bush cabal excelled at fabricating enemies and carrying out false flags to try and trick us into believing we were in danger, and President Obama’s team has picked up right where Bush left off. For anyone paying attention, it is blatantly obvious that “Homeland Security” is a multi-billion dollar racket that profits a few at our expense.


President Obama added a new twist to his predecessor\’s war crimes and has taken America\’s acts of terrorism to a new level. Recently it was revealed that Obama secretly assassinated two Americans in Yemen [07]. Washington, under Obama\’s leadership — and self-proclaimed authority — engages in “dirty wars,” which for all intents and purposes, are nothing but acts of terrorism conducted in collusion, in the case of Yemen, with Saudi spies and Saudi Intelligence. Many of the acts of terrorism perpetrated in collusion with Washington are outsourced all over the world, which according to the Pentagon and the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex is a battlefield.

Consequently, America is the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism [08] and the Global War on Terror is only succeeding in creating more terrorists who hate us for what we do, not who we are. In the beginning of Bush’s illegal “War on Terror” Al-Qaida was the bogeyman that supposedly attacked us on 9/11. But in typical fashion of creating a non-existent threat, hypocrisy runs rampant: Al-Qaida in Iraq was bad – despite never being there until we illegally invaded the country; Al-Qaida in Syria is good; Al-Qaida in Mali was bad; and Al-Qaida in Libya was good but has since turned bad. Lambasting an enemy such as Al-Qaida that was in fact created by the U.S. under Ronald Reagan’s watch only works for so long. When you start propping up supposed terrorists to further your illicit agenda, the fraudulent deception quickly becomes obvious.

Syria is a prime example of Washington\’s double standards and hypocrisy on terrorism. The Obama administration is using Al-Qaida as its irregular infantry in Syria [09] against the Syrian government to implement regime change in Syria in preparation for attacking Iran. The fact is that because of the illicit actions of the U.S. government and its allies in Syria, the chaos, deaths of innocent civilians, and violence in Syria has escalated [10] and the acts of terrorism in Syria by the U.S. has caused Syria\’s war to get even dirtier [11], and as mentioned above, history is once again repeating itself as the same criminal charades [12] about chemical weapons used to lie the U.S. to war with Iraq are being recycled [13] to lie the U.S. to war with Syria [14].


As mentioned above, the CIA is the biggest perpetrator – oftentimes with help from Mossad – of terrorism in the world. As the world’s largest perpetrator of American made terrorism, it is no coincidence that the CIA, which is the “biggest source of corruption in Afghanistan” [15], is currently backing Islamist forces to remove Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and his government [16]. Washington\’s assertions that all opposition to its war of aggression in Syria comes from Assad supporters is a lie. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and Turkey are all colluding with the CIA in purchasing and transporting weapons to Al-Qaida while Washington sits and spins its fairy tale to the U.S. public. While the CIA is leading terrorists in Syria to overthrow Assad, U.S. troops are being staged in Jordan to defend Al-Qaida, the very same terrorists they\’ve spent the last decade allegedly fighting against in the “War on Terror” [17].

As noted by Glenn Greenwald, ignoring U.S.-sanctioned terrorism and the duplicitous actions of the U.S. is dangerously self-flattering and self-delusional [18]. Any reports of terrorism, especially domestic terrorism, from the FBI or any other branch of the U.S. government should, for a multitude of reasons, be taken with a grain of salt. Since 9/11 and Bush\’s onerous aura of perpetual fear instilled on the U.S. public by his cabal, whenever a bomb goes off — be it an actual act of terrorism or one of the many false flags perpetrated by the government — the surveillance state only grows stronger and Democracy pays the ultimate price [19].

The fact that it isn’t terrorism when the U.S. does it reveals just how hypocritical and immoral U.S. leadership has become. The time has come to break America’s global imperialist agenda which serves as the modern day national state – whose hallmark in insecurity – and to destroy the perpetual emotion machine which has normalized itself since the illegal inception of the “War on Terror” [20] unless we want to remain citizens of a war-driven country for the rest of our lives and for generations to come.

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