Father Musallam urges Hamas to have Christian media center

Father Manuel Musallam, a noted Palestinian priest and head of the World Popular Organization for Jerusalem Justice and Peace, has urged the Hamas Movement to establish a Christian media center affiliated with it.

In press remarks on Tuesday, Father Musallam said that this Christian media center would help Hamas confront the fabrications and lies coming from media outlets.

The priest expressed hope that Hamas could have a Christian advisor who works on strengthening its relations with the Christian community and facing attempts to demonize it by different parties.

Father Musallam, who used to be pastor of the Latin Church in Gaza, reasserted that the Palestinian Christians live safely in Gaza and share their joys and sorrows with Hamas, adding that the Christians and Muslims in Gaza are one people and have one homeland.

He expressed his belief that any talks and negotiations with the Israeli occupation state through meetings, countries or the UN would never bring back Jerusalem and protect the Aqsa Mosque.

He stressed that the Palestinian people’s only option is to lead secret resistance against the occupation in order to force it and its settlers to leave the Palestinian land.

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