‘Five-fold rise in UK detention of Europeans’


The number of the European Union nationals held captive in Britain’s immigration centers rose five times, a report reveals.

In a Wednesday report, The Independent  revealed the rise, which can be seen “since the Conservatives came to power.”

Some of the detainees have been arrested over insignificant matters, including throwing a birthday party in a park or not carrying an ID.

Some believe that the move is designed to scare others into crossing Britain out, when thinking of a destination to emigrate to or seek asylum.

According to Adrian Berry, an immigration and asylum barrister and lawyer, the plot dates back to the time when Britons had not yet voted to leave the EU and Prime Minister Theresa May was still the home secretary.

“The policy of the Home Office towards EU citizens started on Theresa May’s watch as Home Secretary, before the Brexit referendum,” he said. “It’s a marker of her approach to EU citizens and it’s one we should all take very seriously when we look to her promises on and after Brexit.”

“They have this policy of removing EU citizens when it’s unnecessary. If you’ve committed a serious criminal offence, you could be liable for deportation and banned from re-entry. [But] this is a lesser technique called administrative removal, where you’ve committed no crime but they’ve just decided that you’re not doing anything like working or being a student.”

In a speech on Tuesday, May asserted that “Brexit must mean control of the number of people coming from Europe.”

In a landmark referendum held on June 23, nearly 52 percent of British voters, amounting to more than 17 millio

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