Foreign-Arab fighters killed in Syria

A son of a warlord in north Caucasus has been killed in Syria.

The Chechen was fighting with the armed terrorist groups against Syrian forces, media reports stated.

Rustam Gelayev son of warlord Ruslan Gelayev arrived this summer in Syria to fight with the armed groups, reports confirmed.

Moreover, media sources revealed that 4 Lebanese fighters have been killed in Syria.

The fighters killed amid a qualified operation carried out by the Syrian Army in the Syrian border village of Jousieh.

Lebanese security sources reported that the 4 fighters are from al-Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, as 3 of them are from Arsal and on from al-Hermel city of the Northern Bekaa.

Furthermore, three Jordan personnel, who came to fight in Syria, were killed as well during clashes with the Syrian Arab Army in the last couple days.

The Jordanian fighters are from al-Tawheed Brigade.

They were killed in Daraa and Aleppo.

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