Foreign terrorist Al-Harithi: the battle in Syria is way tougher than we though

The Middle East Saudi Newspaper confirmed that the Libyan terrorist, Mahdi al-Harithi, has escaped from Syria to Libya. Al-Harithi said, “I might not be able to return to Syria”. The terrorist was the leader of al-Omma brigade that contains lots of Libyans who came to fight in Syria.

Al-Harithi said that he returned to Libya two weeks ago, affirming the hardness of returning to the Syrian lands. The terrorist said, “What the rebels achieved in Libya is hard to do in Syria … very hard”. Al-Harithi confessed that lots of unorganized Arab fighters in Syria, plus al-Qaeda fighters.

About the influx of the Arab fighters to Syria, al-Harithi said, “First, we went to Syria in response for the calls of Arabs and Muslims, as we received a large acceptation from the people. He added, “Our relationship is good with the Free Army and the military council, and we move according to their arrangements

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