Four major tribes strike non-aggression agreement with Ansarullah fighters in Yemen’s Ma’rib

Major Yemeni tribes, previously sponsored by Saudi Arabia waging a devastating war on the impoverished Arab country, have signed a non-aggression agreement with fighters from the popular Houthi Ansarullah movement in the strategic central province of Ma’rib.

Lebanese Arabic-language al-Akhbar newspaper, citing local sources, reported that four tribes recently took the decision to spare their areas from fierce fighting between Saudi-backed mercenaries loyal to Yemen’s former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur and Ansarullah fighters, stressing that talks are underway with other tribes to sign similar deals.

The report added that the pact comes as the Houthis have already established control over ten districts of Ma’rib province’s 14 districts.

Local sources said the Ansarullah fighters have seized the strategic al-Sadara area as well as al-Kula region, adding that violent clashes were taking place between Hadi loyalists and the Houthis backed by tribesmen in the al-Manqil area near the city of al-Jawba.

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