Four Syrian Army soldiers reported to be captured by Turkish-led terrorists in rural Aleppo


Four Syrian Army soldiers have been captured by the Furat Shield forces, a coalition of the Turkish military, predominately Turkmen brigades of the Free Syrian Army and Islamist allies, and operating in Aleppo countryside.

The captured soldiers can be seen on video being abused by their captors.

Reports suggest that along with the four who were captured, one other soldier was killed by the Turkish-led forces.

The soldiers were captured near Mengh in northern Aleppo countryside after getting lost and ending up in Furat Shield controlled areas.

It is not known yet what the fate of the soldiers will be, however, they could be used as a bargaining chip against government forces who have created an understanding with Kurdish-led forces who are preparing to defend the city of Manbij from the Turkish-led forces.

A convoy of food and supplies from the Syrian government has entered the Kurdish-controlled areas of Manbij province, according to Al-Masdar’s correspondent, Yusha Yousef.

Yousef also explained that the Syrian Army may start using Kurdish-held areas as staging grounds to launch offensives against ISIS, if it is deemed necessary to use these areas, demonstrating this growing understanding between the Syrian government and Kurdish-led forces.


Source: Al- Masdar



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