Free Army terrorists commit a massacre in Amerya of Homs

Free Army militia commits a massacre in Amerya of Homs
Free Army militia carries out a massacre in the right of several civilians in Homs countryside, what resulted in the displacement of big number of the residents

Members of Free Army of Rastan city have attacked on Amerya town that is inhabited by the majority of Pro-government people, according to Breaking News Network reporter who assures that fighters of Free Army have committed a massacre in the right of 10 citizens and have bombarded number of mortar shells

Breaking News Network correspondent points out that 40 armed men have been killed in the result of clashes with Syrian Army in al-Bueda al-Sharqie of Qusair

Free Army militia forces the residents of al-Nerab and Sermin to displace

Huge displacement movements occur in many towns of Edlib countryside in the result of the armed attack on Sermin and al-Nerab towns this morning

Breaking News Network correspondent stresses that hundreds of the citizens of men and women and children have been displaced of Nerab and Sermin town of Edlib city after the armed attack on their neighborhoods that have witnessed heavy clashes between Syrian Army and Free Army militia, which attacked on al-Nerab “al-Shabiba” Camp.

Armed militants have carried out mortar and artillery bombardments on the Camp

And Syrian Army artillery targets armed men gather near Sarmin town of Edlib countryside

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