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“Free Army terrorists” shells the rural of Damascus and Edlib, Syrian Army raises the pace


The Free Army militia has bombarded today’s morning Wednesday 24 April the city of Jaramana in Damascus countryside, and al-Foaa and Jeser al-Shoghour of Edlib countryside with a number of mortar shells as Syrian Arab Army proceeded its operations against the militia in Edlib countryside.

Breaking News Network envoy has confirmed that two mortars have landed near the new building of the municipality in Jaramana, what resulted in a number of martyrs and injuries without knowing the final toll yet.

The armed militia’s shells have targeted al-Foaa city too in Edlib countryside, where gunmen launched 7 mortar shells landed in different zones of the very city.

A source of al-Foaa residents has confirmed to Breaking News Network that the damage brought by the projectile has limited to material, indicating that many of the mortars landed in the surrounding of the city in the agricultural soils, where the source triggering the shells has been responded to and wounding the armed groups that fired a direct hit.

The “Free Army” has shelled a hospital in Jeser al-Shoghour along with their attempt to attack the city.

Correspondent of “Breaking News Network” has confirmed that two mortar shells have landed near the National Hospital and the damages were limited to the material.

The correspondent said that the bombardments simultaneous with heavy clashes took place in the vicinity of Jeser al-Shoghour after the attack of the armed groups on the military checkpoints around the city, the most severe took place in the northern side has lasted for hours, killing and injuring a numerous of insurgents and destroying two vehicles belonging to the militants fitted with submachine guns.

Syrian Army raises the pace of its operations in Edlib countryside

The Syrian Army operations have continued in Edlib countryside when members of the armed militias has been hit inside the cork factory in the rural of Jeser al-Shoghour, killing about 27 gunmen and destroying 3 cars equipped with heavy machine guns.

Breaking News correspondent in Edlib pointed out that a combing operation carried out by the members of Special Task Battalion in the eastern farms of Edlib city from Sarmin and Binnish down to al-Hosoun town junction, and all the regions have been secured as insurgents fled it.

Our correspondent said that the operations have been done without firing any bullet and all the residential buildings have been raided and inspected.

The army destroyed mortar cannon 120 mm and killed more than 30 armed men by striking gunmen site using as a leading center for them near the village of al-Taybat in the rural of Jeser al-Shoghour and destroying a vehicle was in their possession and an ambulance equipped with stolen medical devices and large quantities of drugs.

The reporter pointed to the death of the leader Adnan Mohamed Hassan Darwish and 13 other members following targeting the headquarters of the gunmen in Kafar Roma in the countryside of Ma’rt al-Nouman, as the Syrian Arab Army targeted the headquarters of militants in the villages of Tel Dahab, Bashlamon and Ein el-Qasab in the rural of Jeser al-Shoghour, what led to the killing and wounding a number of militants and destroying a number of their vehicles.

The army targeted a headquarter of the al-Nusra Front members inside a farm northern Kelali town of the border city Sarmada of Edlib countryside, killing all the gunmen inside it and wounding others were guarding the headquarter.

Lastly, Breaking News reporter confirmed that the army has destroyed a headquarter is being used as a media center in Ma’rt Masrin city of Edlib countryside, with broadcasting devices, direct imaging and data, and all the insurgents have been killed inside.

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