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Friday Operation… The full story

A huge storm of analysis and heated debates over the last Friday clashes that ended up with two killed soldiers. The Zionist newspaper “Haaretz” reported on it’s website what it called as great concern on “Hamas changing the rules of the play”.

Al Qassam Brigades declared its responsibility for the operation, but the spokesman of the Brigades, Abu Obaida, said clearly that the operation is a defensive action against the Zionist forces which crossed the borders and shot fire toward civilians.

Al Qassam website held an interview with one of the mujahedeen, who participated in the operation. Here is the full text of the interview:

We received an alert

Monitoring the Zionist tanks moving on the borderline, the Mujahed who identified himself as Abu Musab was standing with the correspondent of Al Qassam website 500 m from the scene of the operation. After he had finished his observation to the tanks, he turned to the correspondent and started telling his story by thanking and praising God Almighty for help.

Abu Musab did not deny the role of his brothers and in the Monitoring Unit the operation, he says: “At two o’clock in the afternoon, a signal were received from the monitoring unit that there is shooting in toward the valley east of Al Qarara village about 200 meters from the borders followed by an infantry unit came fast out of line under a cover of fire. ”

They shot first

Abu Musab explains that they estimated the shooting as a chase for citizens or resistance members within the valley. Immediately, the instructions from the leadership to the relevant units to be ready and to take their places, and if the troops crossed usual distance, they can target them.

Continued to talk about details of the operation, which confused the enemy, he says: “In the meantime, the incidents started rising: the Zionist tanks started to come out of the borderline under an extensive coverage of fire, also the helicopters arrived at the scene. In addition, a large number of soldiers came out for more than 500 meters.”

The beginning

After receiving the alert, the Mujahideen took positions, where they had guns (sniper) and BKC machine gun, and remained waiting for the advance of enemy soldiers.

When the clock referred to 2:30 pm in the evening of Friday, 26/3/2010, and while the heroes of Al Qassam were waiting for the Zionist soldiers, the Zionist forces reached the point, the mujahideen opened fire toward the invading forces. Minutes later, they saw two soldiers falling on the ground near “Sirj” watchtower.

He explained that the operation sends a message to the Zionist army that the resistance will not stand silent against their violations and incursions in the Gaza Strip, pointing out that he and his brothers had carried this defense process for the protection of their companions who had been chased by the enemy.

Despite their crimes …We are still Humans

About what happened in the field following the operation of addressing, and watching two soldiers falling on the ground, he said: “In less than 5 minutes two helicopters carrying ambulance flag attended the place where the first one landed 200 meters from the place of injuries and the second landed inside the site of the third eye.”

He noted that the mujahid who was armed with “BKC” was bout to fire at the helicopter, which landed 200 meters from the scene of the operation, but when he saw the ambulance flag on the plane, he refrained from that, following the ethics of Islam in the war, and in respect of the International Humanitarian Law .

At the end of his testimony to Al Qassam website, he said: “The soldiers carried the injuries and hurried to the helicopter; at the same time, the military aircraft launched sonic booms and heat balloons over the area of the event, and then the forces started to withdraw… Finally, we withdrew from the place .”

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