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“Friends(!) of Syria” to meet in al-Duha to supply the terrorists after al-Qusair’s defeat


The supporting states of the armed militias in Syria have declared they will meet in the Qatari capital al-Duha to supply the militia groups after their major recent defeat by Syrian Arab Army in al-Qusair.

An official of the French Foreign ministry has tweeted that the states that make up “the Group of Friends of Syria” will meet in al-Duha on Saturday to negotiate delivering a touchable support to “Free Army” after the victories that have been achieved by the Syrian government’s troops.”

The official states, on condition of anonymity, that “the foreign ministers of the eleven states will attend the meeting, including France, USA, Britain, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.”

He adds that “they should meet the needs of the Syrian opposition to rebalance the powers on ground”

The French official says that “the situation on the ground is urgent after regaining al-Qusair by the government’s troops.”

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