FSA mega-offensive against ISIS in southwest Syria fails before ground assault even begins


A hyped-up offensive operation promised by Syrian rebel groups that they claimed was going to totally eradicated all elements of ISIS in the country’s far southwest has ended before even beginning.

About one week ago, official Free Syrian Army sources announced preparations for an offensive in the province of Daraa aimed at completely annihilating the Islamic State affiliate group Jaysh Khalid Ibn al-Walid.

Beyond announcing the attack over social media, the Free Syrian Army apparently even issued an ultimatum to ISIS fighters in Daraa – telling them to surrender or face death.

On Thursday, rebel sources reported that the much-promised great offensive had been launched.

In the event, Syrian rebels only shelled ISIS positions in Daraa’s Yarmouk Basin region for a very brief period of time and then, without even initiating any kind of ground assault, called off the offensive entirely.

Opposition sources cite ‘technical reasons’ for the aborting of the anti-ISIS operation with no further details given.

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