Full report of the Syrian Army’s Deir Ezzor operations: September 2017


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has made remarkable progress in the Deir Ezzor Governorate over the last three weeks, liberating a large portion of the province from the so-called Islamic State.

In particular, the Syrian Arab Army’s field operations between the dates of September 10-23 have yielded the largest gains for the government forces.

According to a detailed field report from the Syrian Army, the Syrian Arab Army has liberated at least 44 towns and districts from the Islamic State forces, including Al-Janenah, Al-Baghiliyah, Masran, ‘Ayyash, and Ma’adan.

More details:

  • Estimated 300+ terrorists killed
  • 19 HQ buildings and command centers destroyed
  • 17 car bombs destroyed
  • 13 tanks destroyed and 6 tanks seized
  • 7 BMPs destroyed and 3 BMPs seized
  • 269 vehicles destroyed (mostly technical vehicles)
  • 6 ammunition storage facilities destroyed
  • 4 artillery field guns destroyed and 7 artillery guns seized
  • 6 machine guns destroyed
  • ISIL’s Chief of Security, Abu Mo’amen Al-Tunisi killed in-action
  • ISIL’s Sharia judge, Abu Al-Shimaa Al-‘Iraqi killed in-action
  • ISIL’s Spokesperson, Abu Mo’ataz Al-‘Adnani, killed in-action
  • ISIL’s Emir of Deir Ezzor, Abu ‘Obeidah Al-Sa’udi, killed in-action


Source: AMN

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