Fund, military support for terrorists must end


Iran’s FM spokeswoman has stressed that countries claiming fight against terrorism must stop providing financial and military aid to terrorists.
Marzieh Afkham, Iran’s FM spokeswoman, in regard to the recent terrorist explosion in Homs, Syria, said, “this is but one of the many crimes that the terrorist groups have committed against the Syrian people, in particular women and children, with the aid from outside. Behind these atrocities are agents who have concealed themselves in the so-called counterterrorism coalition.”

“Iran strongly condemns these inhuman crimes which target innocent children,” she asserted, “and sympathizes with Syrian people and government, particularly with the bereaved families of the victims.”

“Iran reproaches the UN’s negligence toward domestic and foreign perpetrators of these crimes and demands that the countries claiming campaign against terrorism, instead of putting on counterterrorism theatricalities, stop supporting terrorists with financial and military aid,” she said in a statement.

Two car bombs exploded in the central Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday afternoon near a school killing 48 people, 41 of whom were children. The explosions took place as children were leaving school at the end of classes.

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