Gaza Court Sentences 6 People to Death for Collaborating with Zionist Entitity

A military court in the Gaza Strip on Monday sentenced six people, including a woman, to death by hanging for collaborating with ‘Israel’, authorities said.

In total 14 people were sentenced for collaborating with the occupation entity, with six sentenced to be hanged, the interior ministry in Gaza said.

The rulings come three weeks after eight people were killed when an Israeli army cell in Gaza was uncovered by the resistance fighters leading to a fire fight.

The Palestinian resistance movements fired hundreds of rockets at the Zionist settlements in response, with the Israeli occupation army striking dozens of targets in Gaza before a ceasefire agreement.

The six sentenced to death Monday were not related to the November 11 flare-up.

The woman, named only as Amal, was sentenced in absentia and is said to have encouraged her nephew in Gaza to collaborate with Israeli intelligence.

Iyad al-Bozum, the spokesman of the interior ministry in Gaza, hailed the rulings.

“Collaborators must realize the (Israeli) occupation will not be able to protect them,” he told a news conference.



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