Gaza suffers from electricity shortage


The PM of the Palestinian national unity government vowed that Gaza will restore electricity up to 16 hours per day. But Gaza’s population continues to have electricity at their homes, schools & hospitals for only 6 hours per day. During the latest onslaught, Israeli war machines destroyed Gaza’s only power plant in an attempt to make life conditions for Gazans as bad as possible.
Gaza Power Generating Company, responsible for running the power plant is facing major obstacles in doing its job. The plant is still in need for spare parts to replace the damaged parts. Moreover, the borders closure by Israel keeps this plant thirsty for fuel making its mission almost impossible to complete. The border closures have caused frequent fuel shortages in the Gaza Strip. This has led to the shutdown of Gaza’s sole power plant, causing a huge suffering of the ordinary people in the coastal enclave. And it now seems that people in Gaza have to adjust their daily lives according to the closure of borders by the Israelis

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