Gaza war, a great triumph for Gaza people


The political analyst, Hossein Rouivaran in an exclusive interview with Taghrib News Agency (TNA) on the sideline of the international Conference of Islamic World Scholars in Defense of Palestine Resistance, which was recently held in Iran Capital city of Tehran underscored Beckoned to the recent war in Gaza and underscored the event made a big change both in Palestine and in the World of West.

“Coherence and unity in the Islamic World for extending resistance and backing the oppressed people of Gaza is a necessity and going through the unfair milieu stands in the region is of prime importance,” said Rouivaran

The political analyst put accentuation on the victory of Gaza people and the effect of this victory on the future of resistance and regional changes. “The scene observed in Gaza was a scene of confrontation. Confrontation of public and well rooted will in defence of entity and lives against the regime of Zionism.”

He pointed to this very line that failing the Zionism in fulfilling its objective can be counted as a great triumph for resistance and underlined, “this stage of confrontation was ended by the victory of resistance which of its nature was a great inroad indicative of people’s resistance that made them closer to the aim they are after.”

“This victory should be regarded as a telling step in releasing Palestine that can enrich hope among people,” said the political commentator.

In his line, this victory was more importance than the previous ones, since the regime of Israel poured more than 20 thousand tons of explosives on oppressed people of Gaza.

“This size is equal to 6 nuclear Bomb, and we observed the japan succumbed by two nuclear bombs while Gaza people still resist and do not give up against the regime of Zionism,” said Rouivaran.

Elsewhere in his remark, the political analyst underscored the current event in the region uphold unity and solidarity among Gaza people so as to stand against the regime and release the occupied land of Palestine in the long run.

It is worthwhile to note that in the first international Conference of Islamic World Scholars in Defense of Palestine Resistance was held on September 9-10 in Iran Capital City of Tehran.

Clerics from different Islamic sects and denominations announce their readiness to support Palestine and the movement of resistance.

In the event, it was proposed that Muslims are in a precarious situation, so they should be more aware than before. Western predatory policies were slammed and it was stressed that West’s plots precipitated the turmoil in the region.

To clerics, west has not prerogative to preclude Muslims of their fundamental rights. In their lines, Islamic scholars should prevent Muslims from plunging headlong into violence.

Clerics postulated that unity is a cure-all for all problems. It would be presumptuous of Muslims to festoon each other’s takes. Without prevaricating in answering the reporters’ questions, the participants in the event stressed the standing problems in Muslim countries are derived from their lack of unity.

They underscored that religious clerics should have probity and high morals. To them, increasing propinquity among Muslims is a must which requires prodigious effort.

Participants in the event also slammed regime of Zionism with its terrible proclivity and propensity for violence. To them, as to the regime, although Western countries profess to be human right defendant while their acts run counter to their words. They underscored nothing can propitiate Muslims rage over massacre happening in Palestine and the present Muslims movement against the arrogant is a good omen for the future.

The conference underscored Muslims should not lose their sense of propriety and forceful attempt needs to change the present condition in the region.

According to its participants, pusillanimity lags Muslims behind and Muslims should stand against Takfiri groups. They stressed, Killing innocent people is severely proscribed by the religion of Islam. In their lines, the media purports to show that west is the advocate of human right while the policy of these countries and stances taken by them run counter to their words.

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