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Gazans being slaughtered under zionist regime bombardment

A Qatari envoy has visited the Gaza Strip to help calm down tensions in the blockaded enclave, which has been the scene of daily Israeli attacks for more than two weeks.

Mohammed el-Emadi entered Gaza late on Tuesday for negotiations to help ease the tensions, AFP reported.

Since August 6, the regime has been carrying out daily airstrikes and occasional ground attacks against Gaza in response to what it calls the launch of balloons fitted with “incendiary devices” from the direction of coastal enclave.

Concomitantly, it has shut down Kerem Shalom, the crossing bringing in the majority of the enclave’s requirements, and completely cut off supplies of fuel to the territory. The combined measures have brought about a closure of Gaza’s sole power plant.

Tel Aviv has also barred fishing along Gaza’s coast, where armed Israeli vessels conduct regular patrols, thus denying the Palestinian territory another key source of livelihood.

El-Emadi brought along $30 million in financial aid to Gaza amid the dire situation, AFP said. He was expected to sit down with Hamas’ officials later during the visit.

The visit followed reports of a visit to Qatar by the chief of the Israeli military’s Southern Command Maj. Gen. Herzi Halevito Qatar amid heightened tensions in Gaza.

Halevi flew to Doha along with other officials from the Israeli military and Israel’s spy agencies Shin Bet and Mossad to ask Hamas leaders residing there to prevent a military escalation in Gaza, the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat reported.

Hamas: World must break its silence

Earlier on Tuesday, Hamas called the closure of the Kerem Shalom a “crime against humanity” in a statement and urged the international community and “decision-makers in the region” to “break their silence to bring an end” to Israeli restrictions.

Speaking to Qatar’s Al Jazeera, Hamas official Basem Naim also said despite efforts to “prevent the situation from exploding,” Israel has intensified its raids against Gaza and refused to abide by the previous agreements.

“The Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are living under unbearably miserable and grim conditions … Gaza’s factions have told the mediators that Gaza will not remain silent under these tragic conditions,” he said.

The zionist regime laid a siege to Gaza in 2007 in response to Hamas’ victory in elections. Ever since, it has also conducted three deadly wars against the coastal sliver.

According to AFP, an Egyptian delegation has also been shuttling between Palestinian and Israeli officials amid the latest Israeli escalation.

Observers, however, downplay the efficiency of its intervention given Egypt’s close cooperation with Israel in keeping Gaza’s siege in place and Cairo’s standing peace agreement with zionist regime.

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