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Gaza’s ailing economy is battered by COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has worsened the dire economic conditions in the blockaded Gaza Strip leaving a huge impact on the livelihoods of people in the tiny coastal enclave.

The Israeli blockade in place since 2007 has already caused a sharp decline in the standards of living as well as alarming levels of unemployment and poverty in the seaside sliver even before the pandemic.

Meanwhile tight lockdown measures to contain COVID-19 have had grave economic implications on all sectors in the Gaza Strip. Experts say the Coronavirus pandemic has brought the blockaded enclave’s economy to a virtual standstill, driving more Palestinians into poverty.

Lockdowns are directly affecting thousands of daily-wage laborers and their dependents, and resulting in suspension of operations in the vast majority of businesses in the Gaza Strip. The Coronavirus pandemic has added to the substantial financial strain already felt by many families living in the Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Strip has logged more than thirty three thousand Coronavirus infections since late August. In an attempt to curb the rapid spread of deadly virus local authorities currently impose lockdowns from 6 PM until 7 AM and a complete curfew on Fridays and Saturdays.

Experts say the pandemic will exacerbate the underlying humanitarian crisis that has gripped Gaza for years. The COVID-19 pandemic is adding extra strains on Gaza’s ailing economy. All economic sectors in the impoverished enclave are already suffering because of the Israeli blockade and multiple wars.

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