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George Galloway exposes Western rulers hostile attitude towards Muslims

In a world controlled by pro Jewish-American media, George Galloway has successfully managed to provide an alternative view unmatched by any other Western politician. How does he do it?

Acting in a manner that would appear to be an impossible undertaking for any Western politician, George Galloway was the first high profile Westerner in Lebanon to offer his condolences for the war dead of the Israeli aggression in 2006, making solidarity gesture to the Lebanese people and to congratulate Hezbollah, the group that is considered by the US and Israel as being a terrorist organization.

In the name of patriotism or sheer bigotry, many politicians, talk hosts and even media in Britain and Western countries in general are lured or pressured to either “hear no evil, say no evil” posture or to be actively involved in the support of the many atrocities around the world, especially those committed by Israel. That herd does not include George Galloway.

It is difficult not to know the man but just in case, he has served as a senior member in the British House of Commons. Despite his huge fame and worldwide respect, he is a school dropout who at very early age embarked on politics, the field in which he was destined to be prominent. What sets him apart from other British and Western politicians in general are his firm stances on issues related to the Israeli-American injustices against the Arab world.

Although Galloway embarked on a quest that entails challenging strong media and government establishments of the Western world, he managed to have his voice heard and his endeavors appreciated worldwide, especially within the Arab and Muslim world in general.

How did he survive the staunch and more equipped opposition within Europe and the United States? The main element in Galloway’s’ arsenal is truth seeking followed by mass-communicating of it. His longing for telling it as it is and his highly pragmatic thinking makes Galloway a rare and invaluable asset in a world bent on bending reality.

Unlike many politicians who never fail to find words that fall short of condemning Israeli and American atrocities, as happened in the Qana massacre and the daily American drone killings, where the United Nations is unable to even agree on a statement of condemnation, Galloway always tells it as it is.

Down to earth seemingly unsophisticated style of communication coupled with unweaving loyalty to honesty sets apart George Galloway from the rest. He is well known for his anti-Zionism stances as it regards to the Palestinians and the Lebanese and was a staunch opposition to the Bush-Blair war on Iraq.

Ironically, Iraq is the only Arab country he had never visited until 1990 because he was critical of the Saddam regime. Nevertheless, he opposed the war as a matter of principle; then he believed that Saddam Husain had no WMD, had no connection to al Qaeda and had no connection to the 9/11 attacks; as it turned out he was right on all the claims he made.

Prior to the Iraqi war of 2003, to no avail, he championed a strong opposition to the sanctions which he believed were responsible for so many deaths of the innocent. Due to his anti-American Israeli stances, George Galloway is often under fire. He was targeted and summoned to answer corruption accusations made against him by US senators in 2005. In a question and answer session by the US senate, Galloway proved to be a difficult target to nail.

Today, Galloway continues to be a practically lone impartial Western politician on issues related to the Palestinian-Jewish struggles, but his strength of character and dedication to truth have opened doors for all Western influential’s who might have been either hesitant to go against the current or thought it was too much to risk. Thanks to him, there is descent of Westerners, both public and politicians from normal biases against Arabs and Muslims.

He is well respected figure on the world stage and in the Arab world no Western politician enjoys as much respect and admiration as he does. He is a standing solid example that truth can hold its own regardless of the size and power of the opposition.

A Western politician who in 2006 fearlessly congratulates Hassan Nasrallah having just led his army in the humiliation of Israelis and whom the US considers to be a terrorist is a man worthy of admiration indeed.

Go on Mr. Galloway, the world is watching and appreciates your patriotic stances. Having a prominent Western figure hosting a show on a non Western network championing the rights of Muslims and the oppressed hints to the fact that the world is indeed changing and it is changing because of the efforts and sacrifices of the likes of George Galloway.

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