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German police arrested 1300 anti-nuclear activists at nuke train demo

The German police have arrested about 1300 anti-nuclear activists attempting to prevent a train carrying nuclear waste from delivering its cargo to a facility near the northern town of Gorleben, Press TV reports.

Another 150 people were injured in the incident on Sunday as police used batons and tear gas to disperse the activists, AP reported.

Thousands of demonstrators had also chained themselves to the rail tracks near the train’s final destination.

Over the past few days, activists in Germany have held demonstrations against the train carrying radioactive nuclear waste from France.

This is the last shipment of recycled waste that the French nuclear giant Areva will send to Germany since a nuclear agreement between the two countries has expired and will not be renewed.

The train is carrying the first shipment of recycled nuclear waste to Germany since Berlin announced it would shut its nuclear plants by 2022.

The announcement came following the March earthquake in Japan that caused a nuclear crisis after reactors at the Fukushima plant melted down.

The environmentalist non-governmental organization Greenpeace said that a single container of the train could release “four times the radioactivity released” by the Fukushima reactors if it overturned.

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