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Ghalibaf blames US sanction for decrease in Iran-Turkey ties

In a meeting with the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Iran's Speaker of the Parliament Ghalibaf blamed the US sanction for the decrease in Iran-Turkey economic ties.

In his meeting with Mustafa Şentop, Ghalibaf referred to the decrease in the volume of economic exchanges between the two countries and said, “The oppressive sanctions and the coronavirus epidemic have significantly reduced the level of exchanges between the two countries.”

Ghalibaf underlined that the officials of the two countries should pay special attention to the development of cooperation and the removal of obstacles so that the two sides can return to the previous level of exchanges quickly.

Expressing his condolences over the death of a number of Turkish citizens in the forest fires of this country, he said, “The occurrence of fires in the forests of Turkey is a matter of concern.”

“Cooperation under the framework of the Astana Peace Talks showed that the Iran-Turkey talks can provide peace, stability, and tranquility to the nations of the region, so we welcome regional talks between the governments and parliaments of the two countries,” he added.

Şentop, who traveled to Tehran to attend the inauguration of Raeisi, said Turkey hopes that this election would bring progress for the Iranian nation.

“Our relations are fraternal, sincere and beyond the friendships of the two neighboring countries,” he said.

He added that his country welcomes the development of bilateral relations and cooperation with the Iranian parliaments on regional and international issues.

He noted that “Iran-Turkey anti-terrorism consultations and talks on regional issues, including developments in Afghanistan, are essential. We believe that the talks between the two countries prevent the interference of foreigners and serve the interests of the people of the region.”

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